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  • 3 520 руб. 4 400 руб. -20%

    Color: blackComposition: cotton 92% / lycra — 8%Sizes: XS, S, M, LAsymmetrical mid-length dress with soft draping on the left side. This thing definitely can be called "fun": twisted cut always out of trends and fashion trends. In combination with the drape it gives the product a dynamic.The model pulls in the silhouette and makes your posture perfect....

    3 520 руб. 4 400 руб. -20%
  • 3 920 руб. 4 900 руб. -20%

    Color: blackComposition: cotton 92%, elastane — 8%Sizes: XS, S, M, LDress betonnogo type c soft draping at the sides. Ascetic a fitted top and a voluminous rounded bottom – the unity and struggle of opposites. This contrast will only emphasize and enhance the dignity of the figure and smoothness of the forms.Hem on Sapa x will definitely attract attention...

    3 920 руб. 4 900 руб. -20%
  • 5 520 руб. 6 900 руб. -20%

    Color: blackComposition: viscose 70% / polyester 30%Sizes: S, M, LFunctional mid-length dress with Sapa Hom. For supporters of conscious consumption, not wanting to overwhelm closet, but at the same time, does not tolerate the monotony.The product can be worn as a self-sufficient thing, varying smell on left or right side and locking with a belt. Or in...

    5 520 руб. 6 900 руб. -20%
  • 7 900 руб.

    Color: blackComposition: cotton — 90% polyester — 10%Sizes: XS, S, M, LThe shirt dress of A-silhouette with geometric detailing on the chest and back. Strict, but at the same time bold. A double effect is created using an important functional detail: asymmetrical hem with a "swallow tail", the stand-up collar, hidden snap strap and sharp cuffs. Nothing...

    7 900 руб.
  • 4 490 руб.

    Shift dress, straight silhouette, with dropped shoulder line and a slit at the inner seam of the sleeve. In the side seams of the product high slits. Fabric composition: 85%вискоза15%polyester Sizes: 40-54

    4 490 руб.
  • 14 000 руб.

    In new collection fall-winter 2019/2020 came in a black MIDI dress made from dense stretch fabric based on cotton. Form-fitting model with long sleeves and neckline-boat will be the basis of a basic wardrobe. Dress is perfect for trips to the office or for more formal events, it is enough to choose the necessary accessories: classic pumps, elegant clutch...

    14 000 руб.
  • 14 000 руб.

    In new collection fall-winter 2019/2020 came in a black MIDI dress made from dense stretch fabric based on cotton. Form-fitting model with long sleeves will be the basis of a basic wardrobe. The product features a zipper on the middle seam and decorative Darts at the bust and on the back. Dress is perfect for trips to the office or to less formal...

    14 000 руб.
  • 8 400 руб.

    Composition: boucle tweed 60% cotton, 22% viscose, 18% polyester, corset boning, concealed zip closure at back, unlined.Description: Dress tweed Chanel style perfectly solves the problem - to emphasize the feminine curves of the body, and print to enhance the effect of the slim waist and slender figure. The top is trimmed with fringed tweed, length below...

    8 400 руб.
  • 24 000 руб.

    Composition: fabric, embroidered with sequins - 100% polyester, lining - 100% viscose GucciDescription: without false modesty - chic dress created for the Queen of the gala evening. Difficult dense pattern sequins demanded manual labor in the creation of this model. Stretch fabric perfectly hugs the figure, emphasizing the waist and chest. Fastens with a...

    24 000 руб.
  • 9 300 руб.

    Dress made from suiting fabric straight silhouette with a V-neck on the back. Can be a standalone dress, and the sundress in combination with a blouse/ shirt/ tunic.

    9 300 руб.
  • 13 200 руб.

    Evening silhouette dress with small triangle cutout on the back. Decorates the dress — a lush decorative sleeve taffeta.

    13 200 руб.
  • 19 400 руб.

    A fitted, double-layered evening dress. The bottom layer of thick satin, the top of fine mesh with colorful embroidery. Clasp on the back metal zipper.

    19 400 руб.
  • 16 700 руб.

    Sundress with straps-drawstring with pockets of fine wool suiting. Cut at the waist and zipper on the back.

    16 700 руб.
  • 17 800 руб.

    Elegant double-breasted dress of adjoining silhouette with a high flounce of textured tweed lining. The zipper on the tight tidal button.

    17 800 руб.
  • 13 300 руб.

    Dress double — bottom base simply crisp crepe and top of a fine mesh with a light pattern and a detachable flounce on the Assembly. The sleeve crepe cuffs and a zipper on the tight buttons.

    13 300 руб.
  • 16 000 руб.

    Crochet dress made of natural wool with the smell and finish reps thin braid on the reliefs and the seams above the waist. Dress with pockets, cut at the waist with pintucks in front and side pockets.

    16 000 руб.
  • 34 750 руб.

    Knitted dress with a high neckline. The sleeve is deflated, cuffs and hem in ribbed knit. The collar is decorated with metal fittings. Composition: 60% Co 40% Acrylic Color: black

    34 750 руб.
  • 31 250 руб.

    Dress with draped fitted silhouette. Stand collar, Raglan sleeve,zip back. Composition: 100% PL Color: black

    31 250 руб.
  • 57 250 руб.

    Dress blazer velvet bastasa fabric button-down. Single breasted style, long sleeves, pockets in side seams. The belt is included Composition: 100% PL Color: black

    57 250 руб.
  • 43 750 руб.

    Draped dress with fitted silhouette, zipper at the side. Made of a lightweight material. Shift collar with button placket. Vtachnoy sleeve. Composition: 100% PL Color: black

    43 750 руб.
  • 4 200 руб.

    A concise but striking black dress with flowing fabric at the waist are formed of a soft drapery. 100% Pes The growth of the model in the photo 172cm, options 82-63-90 on it size XS

    4 200 руб.
  • 6 900 руб.

    95% viscose 5% elastane Hand wash.The maximum temperature of 20°C. to Iron at low temperature.You cannot squeeze and dry in the washing machine and dehydrators.Gentle dry cleaning.Do not bleach.

    6 900 руб.
  • 9 800 руб.

    Dress made from flowing viscose in black color. Free easy model with tiered ruffles and the "wings" on the shoulders. The neckline is gathered on a drawstring for imparting fluidity to the dress. Long sleeve cuffs. 100% viscose Hand wash. The maximum temperature of 30°C. to Iron at low temperature. You cannot squeeze and dry in the washing...

    9 800 руб.
  • 4 160 руб. 10 400 руб. -60%

    Straight line dress with thin straps. The included belt for a few revolutions. COMPOSITION 100% polyester SIZE one size (xs-m)

    4 160 руб. 10 400 руб. -60%
  • 4 340 руб. 12 400 руб. -65%

    Shirtdress direct volume silhouette. Shirt collar. Long sleeve with adjustable cuff. Buttons. COMPOSITION 100% polyester SIZE one size (xs-m)

    4 340 руб. 12 400 руб. -65%
  • 4 992 руб. 10 400 руб. -52%

    Dress straight silhouette. One-piece short sleeve. Wide stripes of contrasting color. Complete wide belt. COMPOSITION 100% cotton SIZE one size (xs-m)

    4 992 руб. 10 400 руб. -52%
  • 7 000 руб. Pre-order

    Summer dress with pockets.

    7 000 руб.
  • 9 000 руб. Pre-order

    Black dress from lightweight shirting.Double flounce on the bottom.

    9 000 руб.
  • 4 200 руб.

    Composition: Cotton - 95%, Lycra - 5% Item size on model: 42 The parameters of the model: 85-62-89 Model's height in photo: 179 Length: 91 cm Sleeve length: 63 cm

    4 200 руб.
  • 4 600 руб.

    Composition: Cotton - 80% Polyester - 20% Item size on model: 42 The parameters of the model: 92-60-90 Model's height in photo: 176 Length: 85 cm Sleeve length: 59 cm

    4 600 руб.
  • 4 200 руб.

    Long cotton dress made from knit black. Dress has an asymmetrical skirt.

    4 200 руб.
  • 5 400 руб.

    The dress is made of black polished cotton. The material is the perfect density to give the figure of rigor and accuracy, but didn't deliver at the same discomfort.Dress cutting through the waist, the skirt is MIDI length and a flared silhouette, a straight neckline, hidden zip closure at side seam.Dimensions: 42 (XS-S): chest 80 cm, waist 64 cm, hips 98...

    5 400 руб.
  • 4 400 руб.

    Dress with elastic NIPs the waist, loose at the bust and hips. Pockets in the side seams. Fabric -viscose staple (viscose 100%) - breathable and cools the skin. Viscose has all the properties of natural fabrics because it is made from pine needles. According to their tactile and aesthetic qualities of viscose staple reminiscent of silk. Can be washed in...

    4 400 руб.
  • 19 900 руб.

    Dress length mini a-line profile with contrasting piping on the sides, made of soft tweed Chanel black color combined with a contrasting white thread.Material: 70% cotton, 20% viscose, 10% polyester

    19 900 руб.
  • 6 890 руб.

    Dress in trendy peas created for romantic images suitable for all types of figures. Composition: 98% viscose, 2% elastane Size XS: length down center back 96cm Size S: length down center back is 97cm Size M: length down center back 98cm Size L: length down center back 99cm Details: - the buttons on the cuff - back zip

    6 890 руб.
  • 13 500 руб.

    Sundress with wide straps from soft and flowing cotton.Internal processing: closed sections, piping, piping.

    13 500 руб.
  • 8 760 руб.

    Dress Neva Central element is the ruffle created from used denim jeans. To create a single pair of jeans requires about 9000 liters of water. Recycling allows you to protect and preserve the Earth's resources. Our clothing not only creates unique images for each day, but also pursues the goal of sustainable development. Because all the jeans coming to us...

    8 760 руб.
  • 14 000 руб.

    Black slip dress, cut from crisp suiting brand Prada with adjustable straps, bottom decorated with natural ostrich feathers. Rear vent for ease of movement.Size: S, M, LComposition: 50% viscose 45% PE 5% elastane

    14 000 руб.
  • 4 900 руб.

    Extended oversize poncho with a decorative scarf attached at neckline backless. Without side seams, with a belt. Lenght on the back 105cm. Product width on the back 140cm. Fabric composition: 85%вискоза15%polyester Size: oversize

    4 900 руб.
  • 5 990 руб.

    65% viscose 30% polyester 5% elastane

    5 990 руб.
  • 15 500 руб.

    Dress-MIDI length apron made of wool. The side slits. 100% wool

    15 500 руб.
  • 12 500 руб.

    Fitted sheath mini knit Jersey. Details with raw edges. 100% viscose

    12 500 руб.
  • 21 300 руб.

    dress tuxedo double breasted suiting with a lapel made of thick satin, zipper on the smell on sew-on fabric with fabric buttons and belt.

    21 300 руб.
  • 9 400 руб.

    A dress - transformer from cotton three-thread stitch footer black. Dress has a zipper along the entire product and 4 dogs that allows you to create different versions of your attire. Hem is left open cut that is most suitable to this style of clothing.

    9 400 руб.
  • 7 599 руб.

    Dress-shirt - best sellerbrand Medea Maris. In thisseason it fitted at the waist. withBack notched yoke.Fastens with metalbutton.Chest functionalpockets.The skirt pockets hidden in theside seams.Material - viscose withthe addition of elastane.Rayon 32%, Polyester 66% , Elastane 2% S chest 88 waist 68 hips 94M chest 92 waist 74 hips 100

    7 599 руб.
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