Designer Vladimir Ivanov, Russia. From the heart of Siberia – the city of Kemerovo.

Education: TGASU (Tomsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering University) majoring in CBC (industrial and civil construction). After working as an architect, I am more and more immersed in the world of design and now only move in this direction.
We use mostly natural materials, creating a very simple and clear our view of things (objects).
The winner of the international competition «NAYADA ArhiVyzov 2012», winner of 4 seats at the show SaloneSatellite WolidWide Moscow 2012 c project POSTCARD. The «Boulder» praised the British designer Ross Lovegrove – it reminded him of the great Japanese architect and sculptor Isamu Noguchi. Member of Russian Design Pavilion 1.0 Moscow in 2012 and the Russian Design Pavilion 2.0 Lungarno Collection, Florence Design Week 2013, Saint Petersburg Design Week 2013.
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