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Bitrix24 Module integration


Bitrix24 module allows you to integrate your customers into contacts, orders into leads, from PrestaShop to CRM Bitrix24.

Synchronization of customers into contacts.

Synchronization of orders into leads.

All data about the customer and the order are in your CRM.

Quick sync at once and everything works.

We can send orders to the deals, just email us.


Shop name

Customer firstname Customer lastname


Delivery address

Phone number

Customer email

Order total

Products in order (Non create product in Bitrix24)

Product reference

Product id

Quantity of product in order

Delivery method

Payment method (NEW!)

Customer comment (NEW!)

Order status (NEW!)

Abandoned cart (NEW!)

New! Send abandoned cart to Bitrix24. After installing the module you will have to configure the CronJob. You can find the cronjb url in module setting page. Set 7 days interval like a 0 0 * * 0 (At 00:00 on Sunday every week).